Society causes trauma when it is against women’s right to choose

  I stand with Planned Parenthood. ********************* The thing I don't get about trauma is how people tell you to get over it. Stuff happens. Stuff does happen, but it doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it all right. Abuse happened to me through other children, adults I trusted, strangers, and these were all... Continue Reading →

The peripherals.

There are stages of grief I've bookmarked as schemas. Something about shock, denial, confusion, anger, and sadness. The feelings cycle like an eternal wound that will never heal. Eventually the wound might heal, but the scar is always there. It's all different stages and different outcomes for everyone. People parse things in various ways, in their own... Continue Reading →

Some random thoughts after Avant-Canada 2014.

"We use the term Conceptual Writing in the broadest sense, so that it intersects other terms such as: allegory, appropriation, piracy, flarf, identity theft, sampling, constraint and others. Conceptual Writing, in fact, might be best defined not by the strategies used but by the expectations of the readership or thinkership." - Place, Vanessa, and Robert Fitterman.... Continue Reading →

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