I have finished retyping Orwell’s 1984 and The Wall Street Journal

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George Orwell in his Burma passport photo. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Orwell

WALL STREET: my new chapbook

My latest chapbook, “Wall Street” is a compilation of the found poetry poems created when I participated in The Found Poetry Review‘s Oulipost in April. Download it for free at the link below or buy a hardcopy from me via my backpack bookstore.:


WALL STREET by Jacqueline Valencia (pdf)


OULIPOST: Day 29 (Canada Dry)

Google image search: Secretary of State Canada Dry

Secretary of State

John Kerry has been thinking about

an interview late Monday

spoke just hours after President Barack Obama

front is done with this latest round, the fourth so far.


why the administration continues to punish individual Russians

sanctions are biting at the top end

obviously very personally driven in ways

it appears to be so personal to President Putin

dangerous in this time and place.


* Capital Journal, “Kerry Sees Ukraine Crisis as Uniquely Putin’s,” The Wall Street Journal, 28 April 2014: CAPITAL JOURNAL (online)



OULIPOST: Day 28 (melting snowball)

Google image search: outmatched on battlefield

Outmatched on Battlefield

















* Bradley, Matt; Nabhan, Ali A.; “Fledgling Iraqi Military Is Outmatched on Battlefield,” The Wall Street Journal, 27 April 2014: MIDDLE EAST NEWS (online)



OULIPOST: Day 27 (irrational sonnet)

Google image search: Pope Pi

Pope Pi

There was no way that we weren’t going to be here

resign in 600 years, proclaimed the pair

a Krakow native who slept near


pilgrims thronged St. Peter’s Square


the event as a miracle. Last year

in public since his resignation

the 20th century, in an elaborate

prefect of the Congregation


city to a virtual standstill Sunday

both were proposed for canonization

who landed in Rome Monday

of the sainthood causes of the two pontiffs

wishes to avoid the elaborate, multiday.


All lines sourced from:

* Moloney, Liam, “Pope Francis Declares Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII as Saints,” The Wall Street Journal, 27 April 2014: EUROPE NEWS (online)


OULIPOST: Day 26 (beautiful outlaw – belle absente)

Google image search: MATT world




Have you heard that we are “using up” the world’s resources

Behind all is fixed oil, clean air, land

convene a grand powwow.



* Ridley, Matt, “The World’s Resources Aren’t Running Out,” The Wall Street Journal, 25 April 2014: THE SATURDAY ESSAY (online)


OULIPOST: Day 25 (larding)


Google image search: some surprises have already emerged


Some surprises have already emerged during the project’s first six months. The restorers expect to uncover the first five arcades this summer.

Some surprises have already emerged during the project’s first six months. A 1990s cleaning of four arcades gave restorers the confidence that they had developed the least invasive method to remove centuries of gunk. When you have the chance to put up scaffolding on an ancient monument and look closely while you’re cleaning, you discover things you would never otherwise see such as frescoes, stucco work, inscriptions and graffiti. The duration increases at the lower levels that are more exposed to car exhaust and consequently have accumulated more dirt. The outer arcades block close-up looks at the inner structure.     The restorers expect to uncover the first five arcades this summer.


* Sylvers, Eric, “The Colosseum’s Badly Needed Bath,” The Wall Street Journal, 25 April 2014: ICONS (online)


OULIPOST: Day 24 (homosyntaxism)

Google image search: Excellence was confirmed


The settlement was confirmed by Kelly M. Dermody, a lawyer for the plaintiffs at Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein LLP. “This is an excellent resolution of the case that will benefit class members,” Ms. Dermody said in a statement.

Excellence was confirmed

Settlement was confirmed

Kelly was confirmed

Dermody was confirmed

Lawyer was confirmed

Plaintiffs were confirmed

Lieff was confirmed

Cabraser was confirmed

Heimann was confirmed

Bernstein was confirmed

This was confirmed

Excellence was confirmed

Resolution was confirmed

Case was confirmed

Benefit was confirmed

Class was confirmed

Members were confirmed

Dermody was confirmed

Statement was confirmed.


* Elder, Jeff, “Tech Companies Agree to Settle Wage Suit,” The Wall Street Journal, 24 April 2014: TECHNOLOGY (online)