Nov. 29th: I’ll be reading in St. Catherines for The Grey Border Reading Series




A Poem a Day 8: “en-case” and a bit of mish mash update

April 8, 2012


This is the pod you will stay in

typing out disenfranchised sagas

in novella length form.

These are the the flower buds you will watch for

moving the pot to gather

the nourishing light from the window.

This is the door that opens

when you get out of the pod

release your seed

and become the sunlight.

Two of my illustration pieces are being sent out this week to “The New Auction” in UK to raise funds for cancer research. Many thanks to Hannah Taylor for contacting me and making me a part of this beautiful project.:

P.S. Pick up an issue of Dead Gender Magazine!

Many thanks to Lindsay Cahill for hosting and the lovely Lisa Young for the ride back home. I had so much fun in St. Catherines, Ontario.

Here’s a lovely artist by the name of Julianna Riolino. We heard her play a great set last night. Watch out for her in the future. She’s amazing.