I have finished retyping Orwell’s 1984 and The Wall Street Journal

You can find the last entry here with a few thoughts on the project: http://thisisroom101.blogspot.ca/       George Orwell in his Burma passport photo. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Orwell

On my last day of retyping Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

Dear James Joyce, This morning I had my cup of coffee, with two creams and six of those little packets of sugar, and typed out the last few sentences of your book, Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man.  I've been kind of down thinking of today because I started this on March 11,... Continue Reading →

My next uncreative writing project: Room 101

I'm on the 108th day of retyping James Joyce's The Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man (http://gettinginsidejamesjoyceshead.blogspot.ca/). Seeing as I'm 3 days away from finishing my read of Kafka's Metamorphosis backwards  (https://soundcloud.com/ravensee/sets/metamorphosis), I have a new project starting July 1st. It's called This Is Room 101 (http://thisisroom101.blogspot.ca/). Starting July 1st, 2013 I will be... Continue Reading →

Day 105 of Getting Inside James Joyce’s Head

A young James Joyce (cap in hand) with two of his university class-mates, George Clancy and J.F. Byrne. Clancy (Davin in Joyce’s A Portrait) was Mayor of Limerick when he was killed by Black and Tans during the War of Independence. (Morris Library, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale) I have work to do and a backlog... Continue Reading →

On Day 12 of GIJJH and The Octopus Complex Launch this Sunday!

http://gettinginsidejamesjoyceshead.blogspot.ca/   Just a few thoughts before I head out on some errands: Every year since I was twenty six, I've made it a habit to re-read Ulysses. It mostly due to nostalgia, longing for a night in my last years of university when a group of us would get together and read it out... Continue Reading →

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