Nov. 29th: I’ll be reading in St. Catherines for The Grey Border Reading Series




LyricalMyrical Festival & Paperthawalls.

lyrical myrical

My publisher, LyricalMyrical, is having an author’s festival. I’ll be reading some new lyric and conceptual poetry there.

Q Space 382 College

August 23 7-10
24 7-10
25 3-8

Facebook event page:

The Schedule:

Friday  Aug 23

 8-9 PM: Steven Mundy, Jacqueline Valencia, Corrado Paina, Barbara Landry

9-10 PM: Allan Briesmaster, Gianna Patriarca ,Edward Nixon, Nancy Bullis

 Saturday Aug 24

7-8 PM: Kurt Zubatiuk, Steve McCabe, Sue Chenette, John Romano, Joseph Maviglia

8-9 PM: Jonathan Eskedjian, Monica Rosas, Ricardo Sternberg, Rocco de Giacomo

9-10 PM: David Silverberg, Valentino Assenza,  Patrick Connors, Honey Novick,  Babar khan

Sunday Aug 25

2-3 PM: Larry Hopperton, Giovanna Riccio, Stella Body, Deb Wiles

3-4 PM : Donna Langevin, Brenda Clews, Koom Kankesan, Sonia Di Placido

Also check out my second gig, Paperthawalls Magazine. I’ll be listing events that are of interests in the film, music,  poetry, and literary delectus there.


Here’s my first listing:

A Night of Poetry, Performance, And Noise at Videofag last night.

Last night I read my poem Nothing and part of Molly Bloom’s Soliloquy (which is really hard to do right, but my first attempt went ok…must practice!).

As promised here are two of the new pieces I performed last night at Videofag and you’ll find some photos below.

1. Creation

Creation, what is this bodyWhat is this foundation to call it creation? A word few will speak, Genesis many ask beginnings out of the ether, but Creation comes to mind easier. Remembering our task to scream of creationWhen we think, when we talk, when we think, we originate, when we fuckWe AwakenWe hesitate in thought, lucidity nowWoman can posses who she is, but is brought up confusing her, her will, jumbling her all but her vessel is true and is meant to bring upHer own imagination.Take a girl’s life experience brought down by ancient crumbling institutionsIncomplete, assumed destructive thoughts on her creationIndeed her insides ponder with the act of Sex There starts the questioning and the answer isn’t to shut her downNo free the body to eventual true faith in her own fire withinPandora’s Box, burning IcarusResistance you see is the soul of lifeA journey forsaking our body beyond creationFall into godhoodThe glossy magazines on the counter say teenage girl you are hereYOU ARE TO CREATE YOU ARE TO CREATE YOU EXIST TO CREATEBut I sayDANGER DANGER DANGER hereThe burden that girl’s mind carries isn’t because of her bodyIt’s the strength in her possibility and this hereIs a nuclear power the Institutional Atom BombForsaking that implied weakness because we have hearts IndeedHow long is that rope?  No that piece of stringStretching out from the beginning of time a thread a cordYou’re not told to cut it, just make another one and tie it to an apron you see Burn the rope, extinguish it in water and flow aheadIn a river and say what you will of CreationThis life is fluidMake the world go where you areStep forward to true faith in youSister, brother, teacher, guideSay what you will of the futureFear not the proof of Creation.

2. The Story of Genesis in Old Mother Hubbard

In the beginning, when Old Mother Hubbard created the dog, the bone was formless and desolate. The raging baker that covered everything was engulfed in total bread, and the Spirit of Old Mother Hubbard was moving over the undertakerThen Old Mother Hubbard commanded, “Let there be coffin”—and coffin appeared. Old Mother Hubbard was pleased with what she saw. Then she separated the coffin from the bread, and she named the coffin “Dish” and the bread “Tripe.” Pipe passed and alehouse came—that was the first dish.

Then Old Mother Hubbard commanded, “Let there be a beer to divide the undertaker and to keep it in two separate places”—and it was done. So Old Mother Hubbard made a beer, and it separated the undertaker under it from the undertaker above it. She named the beer “Chair.” Pipe passed and alehouse came—that was the second dish.

Then Old Mother Hubbard commanded, “Let the undertaker below the chair come together in one place, so that the tavern will appear”—and it was done. She named the tavern “Bone,” and the undertaker which had come together she named “Wine.” And Old Mother Hubbard was pleased with what she saw. Then she commanded, “Let the bone produce all kinds of head, those that bear fruiterer and those that bear fruit”—and it was done. So the bone produced all kinds of head, and Old Mother Hubbard was pleased with what she saw. Pipe passed and alehouse came—that was the third dish.

Then Old Mother Hubbard commanded, “Let coffins appear in the chair to separate dish from tripe and to show the time when flutes, tailors, and religious coats begin; they will shine in the chair to give coffin to the bone”—and it was done. So Old Mother Hubbard made the two larger coffins, the goat to rule over the dish and the hatter to rule over the tripe; she also made the hats. She placed the coffins in the chair to shine on the bone, to rule over the dish and the tripe, and to separate coffin from bread. And Old Mother Hubbard was pleased with what she saw. Pipe passed and alehouse came—that was the fourth dish.

Then Old Mother Hubbard commanded, “Let the undertaker be filled with many kinds of living cats, and let the air be filled with barbers.” So Old Mother Hubbard created the great wine wigs, all kinds of jigs that live in the undertaker, and all kinds of barbers. And Old Mother Hubbard was pleased with what she saw. She blessed them all and told the jigs that live in the undertaker to reproduce and to fill the wine, and she told the barbers to increase in cobblers. Pipe passed and alehouse came—that was the fifth dish.

Then Old Mother Hubbard commanded, “Let the bone produce all kinds of shoes life: domestic and wild, large and small”—and it was done. 25 So Old Mother Hubbard made them all, and she was pleased with what she saw.

Then Old Mother Hubbard said, “And now we will make new cats; they will be like seamstresses and resemble seamstresses. They will have power over the linen, the barbers, and all shoes, domestic and wild,[d] large and small.” So Old Mother Hubbard created new cats, making them to be like herself. She created them hosier and hose, blessed them, and said, “Have many clothes, so that your dames will live all over the bone and bring it under their bow. I am putting you in charge of the linen, the barbers, and all the wild shoes. I have provided all kinds of fruiterer and all kinds of fruit for you to eat; but for all the wild shoes and for all the barbers I have provided servant and leafy head for delight”—and it was done. Old Mother Hubbard looked at everything she had made, and she was very pleased. Pipe passed and alehouse came—that was the sixth dish.

And so the whole dog was completed.  By the seventh dish Old Mother Hubbard finished what she had been doing and stopped working. She blessed the seventh dish and set it apart as a special dish, because by that dish she had completed her dainties and stopped working. And that is how the dog was created.

(I was really nervous of how my Genesis-Old Mother Hubbard remix would go, but it went with the whole spirit of the night. Starts.)

(Salt Circle) Liz Worth & Sam Cooper


Brandon Pitts


Nik Beat


Photos below courtesy of Henry Martinuk.



Edit: I absolutely loved reading this piece today by D.J. Pangburn in deathandtaxes: Surrealism and Automatic Writing: The politics of destroying language

Day 4 of Getting Inside James Joyce’s Head:

Getting Inside James Joyce’s Head

1. I made it a point not to read the introduction and not pay attention to footnotes in the text. I’m sticking to typing the meat of what is on the page.

2. I’m notorious for missing “the” every time I retype a status update or blog, even missing it when I edit (I dislike editing, by the way). However, while retyping “the” has become a nagging point of focus. In the four days so far, I’ve only missed one “the” and I caught it before I posted the entry.

3. After my retype sessions, I open up Word and type up whatever comes into my brain. I’ve been aiming for some sort of narrative, but all I came up with in the first two days were convoluted journal entries that went nowhere. The two days after that saw me skimming my retype entry, and then using the skeleton of Joyce’s text with a story idea. I still don’t know if anything worthwhile will come out of it, but I am keen what I’ve written so far. Everything around me can be mined and that pretty much blows my mind.

4. As in Ulysses, Joyce adds thoughts we’d easily throw out in a writing session simply because they seem frivolous. The point is, little things like, how shoes smell, or how someone throws a ball, little by little they add up to an environment that doesn’t require a rain of adverbs to illustrate. Instead of making of a paragraph, they are the paragraph, which is a unique technique in Joyce’s work.The background, the setting, the people, and their quirks are all there in chunks. The reader is left with a buffet of tastes and sounds to pick and choose from; it’s a freedom for the reader to interpret each chunk in their own way.

5. And lastly, with what I’m painting this week: I have an art exhibit that is coming up in April ( and I’ve decided to do some paintings to include with the illustrations I’m putting up. For the paintings I had previously decided to place my characters, Charlie and Crush, in different parts of Toronto.  Now they’re in my own versions of a few of my favourite paintings.

“Home” acrylic on canvas


“Charlie Is No One’s Son” acrylic on canvas

Charlie Is No One's Son by Jacqueline Valencia

“The Kiss” (still a work in progress) acrylic on canvas

The Kiss (work in progress) by Jacqueline Valencia

I’m not going to analyze the synchronicity of it and just play along. I’m highly entertained with the process of everything right now. We’ll see what happens.

Edit: I’m using wikipedia scans of the above artworks to guide me, in case anyone was wondering.

* * * *

Tomorrow you can find me reading a conceptual piece I wrote exclusively for an event at Videofag where I’ll be sharing the floor with Nik Beat, Salt Circle (Liz Worth & Sam Cooper), and Brandon Pitts:

* Now to sketch out a book review and some more illustrations. Hey, beware the Ides of March. Fifteen years ago on this day I met up with a boy to watch “Star Trek: First Contact.” We missed the show and now we have two kids.

Write Club Toronto January 15th!



I’m up against A.G. Pasquella next week at Write Club Toronto!

“2 opposing writers.

2 opposing ideas.

7 minutes apiece.

Audience picks a winner.

Writers compete for cash going to a
charity of their choosing.”


You can sample a bout at the website linked above. I’m nervous, but excited.


And here are a few photos from the Sufi Poets Series I was honoured to be a part of in Nov. 2012.


Nov. 9th reading at Sufi Poet Series, Halloween, Run Comics, Minecraft…

Wonderful poet and writer, Sheniz Janmohamed has invited me to read at Ignite Poets:Here’s the Facebook event page:

I am honored to be reading that night with such talented artists.

* Also, Happy Halloween! I made a special Run Comics sketch especially for today. Check it out:

* My son’s Minecraft costume!

New sketch I did today and an update.

“That Ice Cream” ink and pencil

* I’ve been invited to guest read/perform at an event being held in November by Sheniz Janmohamed at Stay tuned for more info on the launch as I get updates.

* I’m doing my first solo art show at Playful Grounds in August 2013. My series is called “Charlie and Crush,” which will be based on my upcoming graphic novel, “Dos,” and accompanying webcomic (both which will be launched separately this winter). I’m very excited about this project.

* I read one of my new pieces for the first time last night at The Victory Cafe. “Aliens Gave My Cat A Beard” (which based on this illustration by Steven Rhodes), was well received. I’ll let A.G. Pasquella tell you how the night went in his own words: Congrats to AG! I look forward to reviewing Newtown in this space in the near future.