On Being A Writer In The Writing World

  When I go to a literary event, I first have to gather my bearings to find a familiar face. I keep to myself most days and social media is my connection to networking and "being out there." I'm maybe 90% more introverted than extroverted in person, so seeing a familiar face in a crowd... Continue Reading →

On the power of erotica and literal masturbation…

I have reviews in the queue to write and movies to finish watching, but it's Saturday. I'm lazy and procrastinating and it's what you do on day with nothing that's pressing on you to get done. I also blame this book for my dreamy state:   Tamara Faith Berger's Little Cat It's two of her... Continue Reading →

On my last day of retyping Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man

Dear James Joyce, This morning I had my cup of coffee, with two creams and six of those little packets of sugar, and typed out the last few sentences of your book, Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man.  I've been kind of down thinking of today because I started this on March 11,... Continue Reading →

Projects: On Day 58 of retyping James Joyce

I'm on day 58 of retyping & rewriting The Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. You can find the retype here: http://gettinginsidejamesjoyceshead.blogspot.ca/ The rewrite is written out and logged in Word on my computer and formatted in the same way as my copy of the Joyce novel. I've been approached by a couple of... Continue Reading →

Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001

I often have several books on the go. This time it's no different: retyping Portrait Of The Artist, tackling Infinite Jest, and Philip K. Dick's Ubik. I had to abandon Ubik for a short while due to a recent re-watch of Stanley Kubrick's 2001 (many thanks to my friend Bogart for grounding me back to my... Continue Reading →

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