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2019 was busy with getting some things in order, didn't have much time for writing or art of any kind, but there were plenty of changes. April: Artscape had a call out for 80 units for low-income people who are artists living in Toronto. A long time friend from my days at CIUT, Marcus Ware,... Continue Reading →

TEXT ONE a chapbook

I made a very small conceptual chapbook called TEXT ONE You can download it free here:  https://jacquelinevalencia.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/text-one.pdf Or buy a saddle-stitched hardcopy here: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jacqueline-valencia/text-one/paperback/product-21529247.html   ISBN #: 978-1-304-94262-3 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Content ID: 14524623 --------------------------------------------------------------------- Book Title: Text One ---------------------------------------------------------------------

Come hear me read on July 19th.

From:  http://moosemeat.org/ "The Moose are stampeding forward to their tenth annual chapbook release. On July 19th, 2013, all are welcome to join us on the top floor of Elm Street's prestigious Arts & Letters Club for an evening of fun, frivolity & free snacks. We've settled on "Moose in Wonderland" as our theme for this year. If you're looking... Continue Reading →

Art Exhibits, Feminism, Launches, and a tiny bit of Thurston Moore

  I am tired. After many months of writing, painting, preparing, drawing, and oh heavens, winter weather, I have a bit of time to relax. Last month I participated in the Feminist Art Conference, read my first conceptual piece at an event, released my new chapbook The Octopus Complex, and opened my first solo art... Continue Reading →

Gary Anderson’s thoughts on my chapbook “Maybe” and some sketches.

Gary Anderson, author of "The Best of All Possible Worlds" writes his impressions on my chapbook "Maybe": Finally got all my books unpacked and was thumbing through maybe again the other day (it usually takes me months/years to truly digest a whole collection). Your "honesty" as a poet is jarring. It reminds me in some... Continue Reading →


It would behoove me to mention that my writer's group, Moosemeat, and I are launching our 9th chapbook tomorrow. *Illustration by Michael Matisko Here's the Open Book Toronto listing: http://www.openbooktoronto.com/events/moosecall_9_moosaic If you find yourself in Toronto, or in the area, come on out! My sister will be providing some delectable treats there as well from her bakery... Continue Reading →

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