There Is No Escape Out of Time Book Launch


Come help us celebrate our new titles and the warm weather!

Jacqueline Valencia, There Is No Escape Out of Time (poetry)
Michael Murray, A Van Full of Girls (short fiction)
Dog the Moon, Stan Rogal (fiction)

Thursday, July 7, 2016
6:30 PM
The Supermarket Restaurant and Bar (Kensington Market)
268 Augusta Ave
Toronto, ON

JACQUELINE VALENCIA is a poet and film/literary critic. She has written for The Rusty Toque, Lemon Hound, Next Projection, subTerrain magazine, and The Barnstormer, among others. Her chapbook Maybe was selected for the 2012 Arte Factum exhibit by Poetry Is Dead Magazine.

THERE IS NO ESCAPE OUT OF TIME is an ethereal cinema of a mind, jumping through wormholes in a poet’s past, present, and future, even in space.

MICHAEL MURRAY works as a creative writer, commentator, blogger, and “journalist.” He has written for The Globe and Mail, the National Post, Hazlitt magazine, CBC Radio, the Ottawa Citizen, TheToast, as well as scores of other prestigous publications that pay extraordinary amounts of money and fly him around in helicopters.

A VAN FULL OF GIRLS is a collection of short, dizzy, funny things. It’s zippy and unpredictable, like a mongoose, but it’s dead sexy.

Poet, novelist, and playwright STAN ROGAL’s work has appeared in magazines and anthologies in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. His poetry collection Love’s Not the Way To (Bookland, 2013) was shortlisted for a ReLit Award.

DOG THE MOON is a compelling novel that offers a new look at the traditional Canadian tale of a city boy in the “wilderness,” taking aim at our literary mythology with sharp, satirical darts.

My new collection of poetry, THE ALIEN

the alien

The Alien is an exploration in isolation, disenfranchisement, and language in a galaxy that’s disconnected with the senses. I wrote this while struggling with the world inside my head and the ones that collide outside of it. It is an end to the manifesto for me and an ode to present connective correspondence.

You can purchase it here:

ISBN9781329065987 CopyrightJacqueline Valencia (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0)EditionSecond Edition Published April 22, 2015 LanguageEnglishPages79 BindingPerfect-bound Paperback Interior Ink Black & white Weight0.11 kg Dimensions (centimetres)10.8 wide x 17.48 tall


In lieu of a book trailer, I made music mix for it:



(About the 1st edition LIMITED EDITION PRINT: Product Details: ISBN 9781329065987 Copyright Jacqueline Valencia (Creative Commons Attribution 2.0) First Edition Published April 14, 2015 Language: English 76 pages Perfect-bound binding Paperback eWeight 0.29 kg Dimensions (centimetres) 21.59 wide x 27.94 tall: This one week limited run, due to its size, was meant to be drawn on, sketched on, create versions of the poems on, and thereby rendering it unique the reader. Like an alien it was meant to transform with the reader’s fingerprints and change with its environment and hopefully, cause a change within the reader as well. If have changed it, please send a photo to me. I’d like to see where its gone and what the book is doing.)

Sakara (a science fiction)

I’ve been working on a science fiction book set in Toronto somewhere in the future. I decided today to post up part of a draft of chapter one. You can find it below or over at wattpad:

Sakara – (part of Chapter One draft)

A tall bearded man stood across the street from the Parkdale home. He read the park sign down the road for the twelfth time in as many minutes, and completely unsurprised that it had not changed, he continued his silent wait.

He periodically paced back and forth stopping to examine the home now and again, then marching along the same worn path he had spent the last two hours making. He awaited the rising of the privacy shutters. He would not act without seeing the faces for himself, without having them tucked away for the night and sure that their day had come to an end. He had tried earlier to penetrate their security system with his own equipment, but would gave up. Their home’s computer would track down the signal faster than any other residential, or even commercial system. He realized soon enough that the house had been equipped with military hardware. It didn’t matter in the end anyway. The system would be gutted and removed before th night would finish. The serial number of the crystallines would be traced then. The equipment itself was nothing compared to the tenants inside that house.

A sound from the left brought his attention to a shadow standing ten metres away, leaning against a tree. The form was almost invisible, dressed in black from head to foot. Familiar, since he was wearing the same thing, a clothing which made one invisible to almost any kind of scanning equipment, and to the human eye would pass like a flicker in the darkness. The bearded man was rather fond of this invention, the “boom suit” as it was recently dubbed.

He knew that these suits were unlike the ones licensed to civil law enforcement. All boom suits had layers of superconductive fibres sown into them that made them impervious to most weapons, from a knife to nearly all projectile guns. The notable exception was a rail-gun, which only government issued suits could protect against. Civil enforcement suits could not withstand the force of a bullet travelling twenty kilometres per second. Military ones coult by backwashing the acceleration barrel of the gun with a oppositely charged plasma burst before the projectile would leave the staging area, and since it took one tenth of a second for the weapon to charge for each shot, it could be detected and shorted out in about three quarters of the cases where the backwash function is necessary. Not as thought this was usually the case. The military did its preparation work before an incursion very thoroughly, and incidents were rare.

The shadow by the tree came toward the bearded man. He knew that the person behind the darkness was staring right at him, through the shielding. The shadow drew nearer to him, ghostly steps moving gracefully across the grass, legs too thin to be real, the body serpentine, twisting as it swallowed whole any light that touched upon it. He admired the shadow’s slow flowing steps until it stumbled on a rock and exclaimed in a whisper, “Well shit.”

The bearded man just stared he knew well the limitations of a boom suit, his was on stand by. However, the shadow was so close now that the light of the moon had made the face of the shadow discernable. The shadow was a younger man with short brown hair cut in the classic military style that spoke more of functionality than fashion. His face was younger and his stature just as tough as the bearded man’s.

“So are we going to just stand here all night, or do we charge the place?” the younger man asked eagerly, “They probably went to sleep already.”

“We’ll give them another half hour, then steal inside. I don’t want to risk them warning their friends about this. And don’t waste your power pack sitting here brooding,” the bearded man replied. He did not have time for rookies. He had spent too long finding people to make a sweep in the first place and HQ sent in this boy to help him scout. He didn’t need help. They were keeping tabs on him and his operation.

The bearded man looked up at the sky and saw the clouds moving lazily above them. It looked serene, he mused. He was one of the few that were aware of the hundreds of rockets flying towards Mars in the stealth of the night. They had no idea the attack was coming, no warnings, no threats, and no way to detect them until it was too late.


“Green Frog” a haiku by my son, C, for the first day of Spring.

1) My poetry chapbook, “Maybe,” will be on display at Project Space (located at 222 E Georgia Street, Vancouver), for the month of April. It is part of a great exhibition by Poetry Is Dead Magazine which is focusing on the chapbook as visual art form. I’m very excited to be a part of this project.

For more on the exhibition:

Poetry Is Dead Magazine:

Project Space: (You can also purchase a paperback of my chapbook at Project Space!)

2) dead (g)end(er) magazine is launching its third issue next month and a few of my works are in it. It is an honor to be in a magazine who has published the works of Natalie Zed, Nathaniel G. Moore, Robin Richardson, and Liz Worth, among many other great talents.

You can get it here:

Or you can come to the launch in April (which I am hoping to attend):

3) A.G. Pasquella is launching his new book Newtown in May. He has also asked me to come read some of my work at the launch. Of course, I said, “Yes!” I will post up more details as the date comes near.

4) Project Sketchbook “Limited Edition” was a slow start for me. March Break with the kids home made it a less motivating time since it was nice outside! Here is a sneak peak at one of the sketches done so far.

 My theme for this book is “Distance and Time.” It’ll be a comic book.

After I fill up the sketchbook, it will be sent to the Arthouse Brooklyn Library where it will be published in a book, among other sketches, this Fall.

The Sketchbook 2012 World Tour is coming and it might be in your city:

My 2012 sketchbook is in it, so feel free to leave me a message if you see it! I’ll be at The Gladstone Hotel the weekend the tour hits Toronto in July.

5) Don’t forget to check out my story “Open” in Little Fiction’s ebook “Listerature”:

6) Writing away at my book “Tell Me About My Hair Dryer? Yea or Nay?” I’m four chapters in and the story is flowing, but it is also taking me places I didn’t think I would go. Very much looking forward to using some new tools I’ve learned in it’s creation.

Short story and poetry submissions are all on the go and I need a new moleskine. It’s funny how when you start something like this, that you just can’t stop. I’m terrified of failing and making a fool of myself, but when opportunities come, I think I have to take them or else I’ll be afraid that I’ve done nothing. There’s something in there about grabbing the bull by the horns, but I’m a Taurus and we don’t kindly to that sort of thing.

I don’t ride off into sunsets; I’m a writer, I create stars…planets, universes, new kinds of hands, light bulbs, pretty flowers, funny cats, etc.. I will always be a work in progress.

P.S. This makes me very happy: Van Gogh confirmed with another underneath.

Maybe (the chapbook) has been released! Get your copy.

“Maybe” is free to download in printable PDF here:

Maybe by Jacqueline Valencia (2MB)

You can also purchase the paperback here:

or through me at the launch or wherever you find me.

The launch is on Feb. 10th at Playful Grounds Cafe: