Stone Skin Press: 21st Century Bestiary

One of my short stories is in this anthology coming out this year. Keep a look out for it! "A 21st Century Bestiary Few tomes are as magical as bestiaries, those encyclopedias of real animals, mythological creatures, and everything in between. From Aristotle to Pliny the Elder, from Saint Isidore of Seville to Anne Walshe,... Continue Reading →

An essay on film and women up at Lemon Hound.

    Up at Lemon Hound, an essay I wrote called: "The Need For Lonely Women Film." You can check it out here:

Bauhaus into poetry

  On Wednesday May 14th 2014, a bunch of authors: Tony Burgess, Jade Wallace, Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, Liisa Ladouceur, Liz Worth, and myself gathered at the Nocturne in Toronto to remix Bauhaus lyrics into poetry. Here are my remixed poems: Ecstasy Nerve ends crucifixion ecstasy One eye's closed checked in agony Will it stay shut?... Continue Reading →

OULIPOST: Day 30 (patchwork quilt)

Patchwork Oulipo It’s a real roll of the dice Picky hippy, zippy piggy hid The act of coming together, to begin, When when Saturday six shouldn’t sign States Like it or not, fracking will continue. The figleaf oneship yed old has already seen a relaxed balladeer frigid winter’s effects will hit produce aisle A to... Continue Reading →

Beyoncé’s poem

(UPDATE: This poem was written by Oriah Mountain Dreamer: Which makes this whole thing pretty cool that Beyoncé rewrote the poem word for word to post on instagram. Either way it makes for an interesting rewrite of a rewrite and a condensation afterwards.) You can see where she gives credit in the third post of the poem: Continue Reading →

OULIPOST: Day 29 (Canada Dry)

Secretary of State John Kerry has been thinking about an interview late Monday spoke just hours after President Barack Obama front is done with this latest round, the fourth so far. * why the administration continues to punish individual Russians sanctions are biting at the top end obviously very personally driven in ways it appears... Continue Reading →

OULIPOST: Day 28 (melting snowball)

Outmatched on Battlefield constitutionally antigovernment parliamentary illegitimate Provisional leadership Coalition generals bonding poorly armed when and an a ***************** * Bradley, Matt; Nabhan, Ali A.; "Fledgling Iraqi Military Is Outmatched on Battlefield," The Wall Street Journal, 27 April 2014: MIDDLE EAST NEWS (online) *  

OULIPOST: Day 27 (irrational sonnet)

Pope Pi There was no way that we weren't going to be here resign in 600 years, proclaimed the pair a Krakow native who slept near * pilgrims thronged St. Peter's Square * the event as a miracle. Last year in public since his resignation the 20th century, in an elaborate prefect of the Congregation... Continue Reading →

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