Second verse, same as the first: a long run on The Ramones

"Now I wanna run away from home now I wanna be all alone now" I was playing with my toys in my parents' living room when I learned that John Lennon had been shot. In 1994, I was putting away records at Radio Erindale with friends when Metal Mike ran in and said, "Cobain's gone,... Continue Reading →

The Barnstormer

I wrote a piece on that huge part of my life that I talk little about these days, running. It's up at The Barnstormer (it's a great sports and literature magazine and highly recommend it). You can check it out here:

Running. Writing. Walking. Doing.

(For a bit of a background: I did this routine below so much once that it became a recurring dream I have had for a year and a half now.: An alarm goes off. It's a pleasant sounding tune, but in the frustration to stay asleep, I hate it. I turn it off lest it... Continue Reading →

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