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HI! It's been a while, and I need to update some of the pages and doings on here, but for now I have few things I should mention: I'm in this anthology! Come on out to the launch: "It's The PAC'N HEAT Launch Party! Come celebrate with us at See-Scape on Thursday Nov. 10th from 7... Continue Reading →

My first published poetry collection and other stuff.

On August 8th I received word that my poetry manuscript, "There Is No Escape Out Of Time" has been accepted by Insomniac Press. It will be out sometime in Spring 2016. Needless to say, after years of sending out manuscripts and working away at it, I'm a ball of excited emotion about this. Take a... Continue Reading →

Bloomsday 2015

Happy Bloomsday! Today I started reading Finnegans Wake out loud. You can find my day to day mumblings for it here: Ulysses Audiobook here: And James Joyce over at Ubuweb:

The Moment: Conceptualism and Resistance

A Happening Two birds, flying East, hit the night at 3 in the afternoon; stars came out over the badlands, and the billowy snowlands; they floundered on resolving not to turn back in search of lost afternoon; continuing through cotton wilderness - Denise Levertov I’m actually really tired of the conceptual versus lyrical debate. But... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts of handwriting Ulysses and now published at no press!

  On Getting Inside James Joyce's Head. James Joyce is a maddening writer to read. If you were to ask me why I love reading him though, part of that love is in the aggravation he causes with his writing. Typing A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man was one thing, writing Ulysses by... Continue Reading →

A talk at Lillian Allen’s Experimental/Hybrid Writing class at OCADU

I had the privilege of giving a talk/lecture for Lillian Allen's Experimental/Hybrid Writing class at the OCAD University. I had a few things lined up to do, but at the last minute I decided to wing it. The last time I talked about Uncreative Writing was last summer at the Power Plant which was a lot of... Continue Reading →

On day 39 of hand writing James Joyce’s Ulysses

Ulysses is a gigantic book. No, really it's huge. It's going to take me two years to write out this monster. It takes me two times longer to write it out by hand than typing out A Portrait of the Artist. I'm not even concerned about its legibility either. If I was then add several... Continue Reading →

The first day of 729 days of writing Ulysses by hand.

“I cannot dictate to a stenographer or type,” Joyce wrote to John Quinn in May 1917. “I write all with my hand” (LII: 396). Three years later the manuscript of the “Wandering Rocks” episode, sent to Quinn from Paris, was to refute this claim, as it is written in both Joyce and Frank Budgen’s hands.... Continue Reading →

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