On seeing Peter Gabriel and Sting: Rock Paper Scissors 2016

      I don't even know where to begin, but I guess I'll start. I've mentioned on this blog before about my love for pre-1975 Genesis and about my obsession with Peter Gabriel back when I first heard Games Without Frontiers. I will never stop being a huge Gabriel fan. The Eighties were huge... Continue Reading →

The Jesus And Mary Chain 30th Anniversary Tour – Phoenix Concert Theatre May 1, 2015

My ruminations on shows or albums here aren’t reviews. They’re often me waxing about nostalgia and the idolatry in it. It seems to be a theme with most shows these days. I’m trying to make up for lost time too of not going out to live performances as a kid. As a teenager I was... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on the band Slowdive and Souvlaki Space Station

In the early to mid nineties I worked at Radio Erindale, the University of Mississauga campus radio station. Those were interesting years because, not only was the campus a two hour transit ride from home, but it also was my first step to an independent life. Radio Erindale had its tiny cast of characters that... Continue Reading →

Kraftwerk @ Sony Centre March 29, 2014 – thoughts

    Mounting an overwhelming mixed media assault on the Sony Centre, Kraftwerk benefited from their eerily prophetic influence over the modern fascination with retro futurism. With spectators bedecked in 3D glasses, made to look like droids themselves, the quartet activated their entertainment machine with the seminal “Robots.” It was a dramatic intro for the... Continue Reading →

The Cosmic Lawnmower: On my love for pre-1975 Genesis

In the afterglow of seeing the Genesis cover band, The Musical Box, I find myself full of heart. Therefore, in lieu of lambasting my social media channels with all things Genesis, I think I'll write down my thoughts here. I'm on two hours of sleep (had to send off my son on an overnight school... Continue Reading →

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