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HI! It's been a while, and I need to update some of the pages and doings on here, but for now I have few things I should mention: I'm in this anthology! Come on out to the launch: "It's The PAC'N HEAT Launch Party! Come celebrate with us at See-Scape on Thursday Nov. 10th from 7... Continue Reading →

July Update

There are few things on the go, but if I haven't posted on here yet, here you go: 1. My poem "The Climb" is up at The Week Shall Inherit The Verse. The poem is part of a larger lyrical project I've been working on whereupon I take some of my old poems and... Continue Reading →

UNDEFINED 2: the unclassifiable event is back!

UNDEFINED 2  May 21, 2015 at VIDEOFAG (187 Augusta Avenue, Toronto) 7pm-10pm UNDEFINED is a night with unfixed limits in art: language, music, and visual. Bringing the conceptual and experimental in poetry, film, performance, art, and music that fits nowhere and everywhere. ******SUPER SPECIAL SECRET LINE UP TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON SO KEEP IT ON... Continue Reading →

Some random thoughts after Avant-Canada 2014.

"We use the term Conceptual Writing in the broadest sense, so that it intersects other terms such as: allegory, appropriation, piracy, flarf, identity theft, sampling, constraint and others. Conceptual Writing, in fact, might be best defined not by the strategies used but by the expectations of the readership or thinkership." - Place, Vanessa, and Robert Fitterman.... Continue Reading →

THE SHINING script excerpt. Reworked with a woman

THE SHINING based on a novel by Stephen King. Screenplay by Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson. Reworked with a woman by Jacqueline Valencia ************************************************************* INT. HOTEL LOUNGE - M.L.S. BOB, carrying baseball bat, walks away into Lounge. As he goes, he turns and looks about him - CAMERA TRACKS after him. BOB Jackie...? He looks... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts of handwriting Ulysses and now published at no press!

  On Getting Inside James Joyce's Head. James Joyce is a maddening writer to read. If you were to ask me why I love reading him though, part of that love is in the aggravation he causes with his writing. Typing A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man was one thing, writing Ulysses by... Continue Reading →

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