On Mitch Albom’s piece about Jeanine Cummins’ American Dirt

    I just came in from a run and I don't know if I have the energy for this. However, in the age of the internet, where everyone has a platform to say what they want, and when the anger is there and you need the outlet, you yell it out into the ether.... Continue Reading →

My new collection of poetry, THE ALIEN

The Alien is an exploration in isolation, disenfranchisement, and language in a galaxy that's disconnected with the senses. I wrote this while struggling with the world inside my head and the ones that collide outside of it. It is an end to the manifesto for me and an ode to present connective correspondence. You can purchase... Continue Reading →

Some random thoughts after Avant-Canada 2014.

"We use the term Conceptual Writing in the broadest sense, so that it intersects other terms such as: allegory, appropriation, piracy, flarf, identity theft, sampling, constraint and others. Conceptual Writing, in fact, might be best defined not by the strategies used but by the expectations of the readership or thinkership." - Place, Vanessa, and Robert Fitterman.... Continue Reading →

On the power of erotica and literal masturbation…

I have reviews in the queue to write and movies to finish watching, but it's Saturday. I'm lazy and procrastinating and it's what you do on day with nothing that's pressing on you to get done. I also blame this book for my dreamy state:   Tamara Faith Berger's Little Cat It's two of her... Continue Reading →

Some thoughts of handwriting Ulysses and now published at no press!

  On Getting Inside James Joyce's Head. James Joyce is a maddening writer to read. If you were to ask me why I love reading him though, part of that love is in the aggravation he causes with his writing. Typing A Portrait of the Artist As A Young Man was one thing, writing Ulysses by... Continue Reading →

Stone Skin Press: 21st Century Bestiary

One of my short stories is in this anthology coming out this year. Keep a look out for it! http://www.stoneskinpress.com/?p=1258 "A 21st Century Bestiary Few tomes are as magical as bestiaries, those encyclopedias of real animals, mythological creatures, and everything in between. From Aristotle to Pliny the Elder, from Saint Isidore of Seville to Anne Walshe,... Continue Reading →

On day 39 of hand writing James Joyce’s Ulysses

Ulysses is a gigantic book. No, really it's huge. It's going to take me two years to write out this monster. It takes me two times longer to write it out by hand than typing out A Portrait of the Artist. I'm not even concerned about its legibility either. If I was then add several... Continue Reading →

The first day of 729 days of writing Ulysses by hand.

“I cannot dictate to a stenographer or type,” Joyce wrote to John Quinn in May 1917. “I write all with my hand” (LII: 396). Three years later the manuscript of the “Wandering Rocks” episode, sent to Quinn from Paris, was to refute this claim, as it is written in both Joyce and Frank Budgen’s hands.... Continue Reading →

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