Thoughts on the band Slowdive and Souvlaki Space Station

In the early to mid nineties I worked at Radio Erindale, the University of Mississauga campus radio station. Those were interesting years because, not only was the campus a two hour transit ride from home, but it also was my first step to an independent life. Radio Erindale had its tiny cast of characters that... Continue Reading →

Second verse, same as the first: a long run on The Ramones

"Now I wanna run away from home now I wanna be all alone now" I was playing with my toys in my parents' living room when I learned that John Lennon had been shot. In 1994, I was putting away records at Radio Erindale with friends when Metal Mike ran in and said, "Cobain's gone,... Continue Reading →

Bauhaus into poetry

  On Wednesday May 14th 2014, a bunch of authors: Tony Burgess, Jade Wallace, Suzanne Alyssa Andrew, Liisa Ladouceur, Liz Worth, and myself gathered at the Nocturne in Toronto to remix Bauhaus lyrics into poetry. Here are my remixed poems: Ecstasy Nerve ends crucifixion ecstasy One eye's closed checked in agony Will it stay shut?... Continue Reading →

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